Yes, I know, there is something in the word ‘newsletter’ that at the very least implies a degree of regularity. I have certainly been more than a little remiss in not sending these announcements/manifestos/scandalous rags out into the world more often and can’t offer a great deal in my defence. Yes, I’ve been busy, but hasn’t everybody? It’s partly forgetfulness and partly techno-fear, but I also fight shy of sending out a newsletter unless I really need to impart something about which you might actually give a toss. I mean, do you really want regular updates in which I breezily announce that I’ve eaten some nice cheese or bought a new hat? No, I thought not. As it happens, I’ve eaten lots of fantastic cheese and bought several new hats, but that’s not important. What is important is that, I do have news. Proper news. About brand new books and upcoming events and that sort of carry-on. That’s more like it, don’t you reckon?

Of course it is…

Right then, here are the headlines…

* There are new books (did I mention that already?)
* TV Adaptations On Netflix.
* Musical Mid-Life Crisis Continues.
* Gobbing off on the road.
* I Have A Solution To The Brexit Nightmare.

One of the above headlines may not be entirely true…

My nineteenth novel – the sixteenth to feature Tom Thorne – is straining at the leash and ready to spring from the traps. Their Little Secret will be published in the UK by Little, Brown on May 2nd and in the US by Grove Atlantic on June 4th. As you will see from the spanky new cover design, this one’s actually being touted as a ‘Thorne and Tanner’ novel, which is only fair as Nicola Tanner has featured more and more in recent books and I think she’s just about earned joint top billing. It’s a little different, this one. Obviously there’s a murder (or two), there’s Phil Hendricks and the rest of the usual suspects and there’s a smattering of country music. But there’s also a bit of…*gulp*…sex. I know! Look, it’s not Fifty Shades Of Grey or anything, and I promise you it’s absolutely necessary in terms of character and plot, but I thought you should be warned. Up until now, I’ve always fought shy of too much in the way of rumpy-pumpy, preferring to quietly close the bedroom door whenever things threaten to get fruity. Well, I think writers should write about what they know. But this time, it was unavoidable, so I’ve let myself go a little. I’m already looking forward to the outraged emails. Anyway, here’s the blurb:


Sarah thinks of herself as a normal single mum. It’s what she wants others to think of her. But the truth is, she needs something new, something thrilling.

Meanwhile, DI Tom Thorne is investigating a woman’s suicide, convinced she was driven to it by a man who preys on vulnerable women,.

A man who is about to change Sarah’s life.

And here’s what the UK and US editions look like. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Even sooner, springing in all its fun-sized glory on to UK bookshelves very soon, Thorne’s previous outing – The Killing Habit – is published in paperback on March 21st. That’s just a month away, for heaven’s sake! It will be doing the same thing in the US on May 5th. For those who didn’t buy this when it came out in hardback last year (*author wipes away tears*) here’s what it looks like on both sides of the Atlantic, together with a bit of blurb.


We all know the signs: coldness, cruelty, lack of empathy, mistreatment of animals. DI Tom Thorne knows the psychological profile of such offenders all too well, so when pets start disappearing on suburban London streets, he sees the chance to stop a future murderer.

Others are less convinced, so Thorne relies on DI Nicola Tanner to help him solve the case, before the culprit starts hunting people. The journey that brings them face to face with a killer who will tear their lives apart.
I was thrilled with the BBC adaptation of Time Of Death and In The Dark and I hope those of you who watched the episodes enjoyed them. MyAnna Buring was amazing as Helen Weeks and, following David Morrissey’s superb portrayal of Tom Thorne, it’s safe to say that I have been hugely lucky in bagging some wonderful actors to bring these characters to life on screen. I have been made aware that the series – In The Dark is now available as a box-set on Netflix. So, go ahead and binge, people…

I’m still having way more fun than should strictly be legal as part of The Fun Lovin’ Crime Writers, rocking and rolling my way through a varied selection of murder-related tunes alongside Stuart Neville, Chris Brookmyre, Doug Johnstone, Luca Veste and Val McDermid. We have some big shows coming up, from Aye Write in March through to Edinburgh in August and some major music festivals in the summer. We’re thrilled that we’ll be playing at the Cornbury Festival on Sunday, July 7th, where the headliners include Keane, The Specials and a promising new combo called the Beach Boys. We’ve got another huge announcement still to come, so watch this space…
There will be a good deal of showing off in the coming months, when I go on the road to promote Their Little Secret. Most of these events are already up on the website and include those at which I will be appearing as part of the Fun Lovin’ Crime Writers. Come along and dance. At the band events, I mean. I mean, you can dance if it’s a book event, but people might think you’re weird.

* March 22nd. Aye Write, Glasgow. With the Fun Lovin’ Crime Writers.
* March 23rd. Aye Write, Glasgow. Inside the DNA of a crime-writer.
* March 30th. York Literary Festival.
* April 26-28th. Chipping Norton Literary Festival.
* May 3rd. Stratford Lit Fest. With Elly Griffiths.
* May 5th. Guernsey Lit Fest. With Erin Kelly.
* May 9th. Waterstones, Newton Mearns. With Chris Brookmyre.
* May 10th. Perth & Kinross. With Chris Brookmyre.
* May 11th. Boswell Book Festival. With Chris Brookmyre.
* May 23rd. Sheffield Libraries. With Erin Kelly.
* May 24th. S. Tyneside Literary Festival. With Erin Kelly.
* July 7th. Cornbury Music Festival. With the Fun Lovin’ Crime Writers.
* July 18-21st. Harrogate Crime Writing Festival
* September 15th. Chiswick Book Festival. With Linwood Barclay.

Please check the NEWS page of the website for further events, times, addresses, other authors appearing, contact details for tickets, all that malarkey.

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